Simply because you want to keep your data securely inside your organizations.

Data centralization

Imagine you’ll be able to take out hard disk of all your workstations, boot them all over network using a preconfigured image, and no matter what happens to each individual computer, your data is always stored centrally in your datacenter.

This is particularly useful in disaster recovery, this includes but not limited to Ransomware/Virus Attacks, Important data and lost was not backed up, stolen laptops and any accidents that can make your data disappear for good.

BYOD – Bring your own device

If you are running a company that allows for BYOD, you are particularly at risk of data leakage, all your confidential information is stored on personal computer of your employee, and you will not have any control on how data is used, or to what range of risks/attack that person is exposed to.

Dianomi actually can help a lot with that! you just need to ask everyone at the company to boot their computer using network instead of the local hard disk, and as a result, when they are leaving, your data is stored centrally and securely in the company, where it belongs!

Automatic Atomic Backups

We all know backups are important, happily in cloud era most of the data is stored in the cloud, but is that all?

there will always be important data that is not backed up, Dianomi is actually making this easy by allowing you to create fast/atomic every minute/hour/day that you need to, and as result without affect the performance of running machines. this allows you to simply restore your backups (instead of learning what “Bitcoin” is in case of Ransomware attack!)